How to change my packet forwarder from concentratord to semtech_udp in ic880a

i am using gateway os full with raspberrypi3 and ic880a i want to change my packet forwarder to semtech-udp from concentratord for that i have channged my gateway config file

changes i have done backened type->semtech_udp

//this is my configuration file

Gateway backend configuration.


Backend type.


#ChirpStack Concentratord backend.

Check for CRC OK.


Event API URL.


Command API URL.


Integration configuration.


Payload marshaler.

This defines how the MQTT payloads are encoded. Valid options are:

* protobuf: Protobuf encoding

* json: JSON encoding (easier for debugging, but less compact than ‘protobuf’)


MQTT integration configuration.


Event topic template.

event_topic_template=“gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/event/{{ .EventType }}”

Command topic template.

command_topic_template=“gateway/{{ .GatewayID }}/command/#”

MQTT authentication.


Type defines the MQTT authentication type to use.

Set this to the name of one of the sections below.


# Generic MQTT authentication.
# MQTT servers.
# Configure one or multiple MQTT server to connect to. Each item must be in
# the following format: scheme://host:port where scheme is tcp, ssl or ws.

after changing my file
i have run this command
sudo tcpdump -AUq -i io port 1700

that showing something like this
listening on lo link type EN10Mb (ethernet) capture size 262144 bytes(i have connected my device with wifi)

can anyone tell me do i have to do anyother changes in my config file to get semtech udp works

the reason i am going for semtech_udp is i want to change my channel config to IN865 first i will make my semtech_udp work with EU868(which is working fine in my ic880a gateway) and then i will change my lora channel according to indian region under channl config file
is that correct approach?
or is there any other method to change the channesl??

thanks and regards
manikandan v

I’m closing this topic as you have posted this question in other topics already.