How to disable device-status requests (downlink) to device?

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The LoRa App Server always responds to the node with an empty payload (downlink) if I do not send data. How can I disable this? Must send (LoRA App Server) in response to the node only if I send something.
Node class A.

It can be an ADR packet or a Request packet. I think they cannot be disabled.

When the ADR is adjusted they will dissapear. You can deactivate ADR in the node and StatusRequest in the server and they will not appear

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How can I deactivate StatusRequest in the server?

Please note that the downlink frame is not empty, in the fOpts you’ll see a DevStatusReq (device-status request). This can be configured or disabled in the service-profile (in LoRa App Server):

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Thanks, it works!
“Device-status request frequency (Frequency to initiate an End-Device status request (request/day). Set to 0 to disable.)” - I thought it was - 868 MHz.
excuse me :smile:

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Yes, that will generate a lot of device-status requests :smile:

Hi all! I was reading about this post. I have a question. The frequency of requests per day, if I would like to know the status of a device hourly, do I have to set 24 for frequency or not?

The field defines the number of requests per day. Assuming that your days has also 24 hours, 24 sounds like a sensible number :wink: