How to Integrate our REST Post API to get the Data from Gateway


We have a REST API which has a single parameter as an input to receive the data from Gateway in JSON format, So can you suggest what is the process to integrate the API with the Chirp stack application.

Currently we have given the our API URL at integration option in Chirp Stack, but we are unable to receive the data at our API.

Find Below the API reference we have given in Chirp Stack integration option.

Please suggest the solution to get the data at our Rest API

you receive data from a device not a gateway (HTTP-Integration).
Your link does not make much sense, it “just” a link and not a “reference”.
How your integration has to be implemented and how the data looks like is in the documentation:

FYI from java code:

    public ResponseEntity<RestFulResponse>  push(@RequestParam String event,@RequestBody String message) {
      //do something