How to Migrate the lora sensors from LNS in one server to LNS in another server without resetting the device?

Hi community,
I am facing a scenario where I have my LNS installed and running with few hundred devices onboarded. We want to install the LNS in a new server and need to migrate all the device details to it with minimum downtime. Please note, I need to do this remotely without resetting the device and without initiating a new join request as all the sensors are in different locations. Please help !!

You can retrieve and then populate session keys from one application server to another using the API’s /api/devices/{id}/keys endpoint, or comparable gRPC call. See the API docs for more info.


Added to @bconway his comment, you can activate an OTAA device as it were an ABP device using the api exactly for this reason :slight_smile:

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