How to start the Web UI of Chirpstack-Application?

OS: Windows 10 Pro

The whole setup for properly starting up the Web UI seems confusing to me.

There’s the source code to the chirpstack-application-server and its finished docker image. Running docker-compose up at the source code directory starts all the necessary backend services, but not the UI. In the source code there’s a section with the UI inside the /ui directory. Starting this through npm works up until after this console log:

Note that the development build is not optimized.
To create a production build, use npm run build.

After this I get this proxy error:

Proxy error: Could not proxy request /swagger/internal.swagger.json from localhost:3000 to http ://localhost:8080/.
See https:// nodejs. org/api/errors.html#errors_common_system_errors for more information (ECONNREFUSED).

Then there’s the chirpstack-appliaction from precompiled binary. I started this one by first creating the config file chirpstack-application-server configfile > chirpstack-application-server.toml and then starting the executable ./chirpstack-application-server.exe. Here I just get a connection error to PostgreSQL:

time=“2020-09-17T11:09:08+02:00” level=warning msg=“storage: ping PostgreSQL database error, will retry in 2s” error=“dial tcp [::1]:5432: connectex: No connection could be made because the target machine actively refused it.”

So what am I missing to get the UI up and running locally?

This is intended for development only. Please see for example:

I found another solution to my problem, so I won’t be continuing this.
Thanks anyways.

Share solution please.
I’m also getting same error.

The “solution” is totally unrelated to this.
I basically didn’t have start the Web UI to do what I wanted.
I never got the Web UI started.