How to support multiple region for us915_0 and us915_1 from single chripstack g/w bridge


We are using chirp stack since many months and recently upgraded to V3 to V4. Currently we are facing one issue while supporting difference frequency for USA region.

I wanted to know how we can support multiple region like us915_0 and us915_1 using single chirp stack gateway bridge? because in the chirp stack gateway bridge we are giving region prefix and in the network server side will be having respective configuration file. So wanted to understand if we need to use us915_0 and us915_1 both parallel with help of single chirspstack gateway bridge.


You would need to setup multiple ChirpStack Gateway Bridge instances to handle multiple regions (each region its own GW Bridge). I believe this question has been asked before on the forum how this can be done, you might find it in the search :slight_smile:

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Thanks. It’s resolved and we made separate g/w bridge for each region and single chirpstack n/w server.

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