How to Update Gateway OS from v2 to v3?


ich i’m wondering how to update the lora-gateway-os from Version v2.0.0test4 (from May19) to the newer versions v3.xx. Is this even possible or do i need to reinstall and reconfigure everything ? The last time i was using mender to update the gatway os , but now there is just Information about the software-update tool, ( which is not included in my v2.0.0test4 Version.

Thank you and greetings

Unfortunately you have to re-flash your SD Card as quite a few things have changed. Please note that although I do hope to provide a “stable” version soon, this project is still marked as “testing” :slight_smile:

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hi brocaar, ok thank you for the information and your great work! We are really looking forward for this :slight_smile:

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