HTTP integration - help with decoding devEUI and gatewayID

I have successfuly implemented HTTP integration, but I am having trouble decoding the devEUI and gatewayID.
The applicationID, applicationName, deviceName are sent over as expected (exactly as they are set in server settings). However devEUI and gatewayID seems to be encoded and I can’t find a way to decode them.
i.e. the devEUI is 0018b200000229e6, but on the server endpoint I receive ABiyAAACKeY=
I have a custom codec (payload decoder funcion) for the actual data, bu even if I remove it - the result is the same!
The documentation is stating that:
“The Protocol Buffers [JSON Mapping] defines that bytes must be encoded as base64 strings. This also affects the gatewayID field. When re-encoding this filed to HEX encoding, you will find the expected gateway ID string.”
Nothing I do returns the ID…
Please advise - how to get the actual devEUI and gatewayID from the HTTP endpoint?

that’s base64. Dont know which language you are using, you might want to convert that to bytes and string it when you need it. Don’t forget there is an official API package.

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