I have arranged the lora server in the China region (CN470), some problems need help

China’s regional frequency is located in the CN470-CN510 frequency range. In the process of configuring the Lora server system according to the introductory tutorial provided by this website (www.loraserver.io), the default configuration can be used directly after it is completed. Still need to specifically modify what parameters to adapt to Chinese regional users?

After installation, modify the configuration file which is located at /etc/loraserver/loraserver.toml



LoRaWAN band to use.

Valid values are:

* AS_923

* AU_915_928

* CN_470_510

* CN_779_787

* EU_433

* EU_863_870

* IN_865_867

* KR_920_923

* RU_864_870

* US_902_928


Just change the default value to CN_470_510?

  • mType:“UnconfirmedDataDown”
  • mType:“UnconfirmedDataUp”
    How do you know that the test return value is normal?
    The operating system on which I installed the lora server is ubuntu version 18.04.