Implementing FUOTA / FOTA with xDot and Chirpstack

Hi Guys

We are in Sep. 2020, and still FUOTA and FOTA are a rareity in the lorawan eco-system. I hardly know of any device manfacture who implemented FUOTA for Class A devices. Nor do I know of many Class B devices at all.

Yet a client of mine is looking to implement FOTA to his Class A device (device is connected to small solar panel so energy is plenty). The device is using xDot module with ST MCU.

Have you implemented FOTA/FUOTA ? If so did you use the lorawan alliance approach (which was impleneted

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FOTA over LoRaWAN really comes down two 3 different parts:

  1. Setting up a class C multicast
  2. Syncing the times of all of the devices within the multicast so that they can all switch to class C (from class A) at the same time
  3. error correction to allow for potential missed packets

There aren’t a lot of great examples out there as the LoRa-Alliance still has not officially approved it. Multitech does have an example implementation, but it requires some external flash, at least with the xDot.
I’ve seen this example work, but it’s got a lot of qualifications and some parts of the stack “may lead to race conditions”, so it’s probably not “production ready”:

ST claims to have a working implementation, but I can’t find much more details than this blog post:


thanks Alex that’s pretty much what we are planning to do

ill keep you posted