Inconsistency in API's

I am creating an application to allow for remote administration of the LoRa App Server using the API’s. The LoRa App Server will be on a Raspberry Pi. However, the Raspberry Pi is not available yet and I want to test my implementation so I decided to run a local instance of the server using Docket Compose method ( I was also using as a reference to get information about the API’s from ( I notice that the API’s are not identical.
Are there different because they are different versions?

These are not inconsistencies, this is a version difference. Please see the release notes:

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Noted. Does the same versions that are mentioned in the Change logs ( apply to the LoRa Server that is implemented on the Raspberry Pi?
Meaning that the latest version of the LoRa App Server (v2.4.0) is what is used on the LoRa Server for the Raspberry Pi?

In general, all the guides will install the latest versions (Docker, Raspberry Pi, …). You can check the version using loraserver version, lora-app-server version, lora-gateway-bridge version etc…