InfluxDB Integration (device status)

Hi, been playing with the influxdb integration and graphing sensor data with Grafana. The sensor used is a Lairdtech RS186. Temperature and humidity display fine. However, to display battery status, the field device_battery_status is available, which seems to get it’s values from the device stat messages. Now in case of the RS186, the stat message always sends 0xFF = battery level unavailable. It does have a battery level, but that is part of the payload. Is there a way to get the actual battery level from the payload into influxdb ? I can parse it just fine in an external C# application that subscribes to the MQTT broker and parse the payload that way, but would be nice if it is possible within the influxdb integration somehow.

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Hi…where did you get the RS186 payload information. I’d really like to know as I’m struggling to find it on Laird’s website. Thanks Stuart

Hi, you can find a copy of the document you are looking for here :