Insert ABP devices via SQL to PostgreSQL

Hi there!
I am wondering is it possible to insert via SQL query into PostgreSQL database new end-devices, that will activate using ABP?
I have a CSV file with 100 DEV EUI, address, NSK and ASK and adding them via webpage is a bit slow.
All this data are stored in PostgreSQL (chirpstack_ns or chirpstack_as?), so I am wondering if it is possible to use SQL like:
insert into ‘some_table’ (dev_eiu, address, …) values (‘dev_eui’, ‘address’, …);
Or maybe it is stored in few databases and tables?
Thanks for any help

I think this is a better use case for the APIs, either gRPC or REST. Then you know that your devices will have all their requirements met, whether it’s PostgreSQL, Redis, or otherwise.

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