Installing LoRa Gateway Bridge

Good evening,

I am not sure to understand all the consequences between installing “LoRa Gateway Brige” only on the gateway and not installing it on my LoRa server and vice versa

I using multitech conduit as gateway

Note: when you intent to run the LoRa Gateway Bridge only on the gateways itself, you can skip this step. Running LoRa Gateway Brige on your server, without setting up any firewall rules (which is not covered in this guide) allows anybody to send data to your LoRa Server network.

I understood this _Note but if I decide to install it on my server, is it possible to remove the LoRa Gateway Bridge of my server ?

Thank you.

There are two options:

  • You install the LoRa Gateway Bridge on each gateway
  • You install the LoRa Gateway Bridge on your server

If all your gateways have the LoRa Gateway Bridge installed, there is no need to install the LoRa Gateway Bridge also on your server :slight_smile: The packet-forwarder to JSON over MQTT abstraction (which is performed by the LoRa Gateway Bridge) needs to happen at one place, which is either directly on the gateway or on your server. The first one gives you some benefits as you can use MQTT features such as authentication, authorization and TLS.

Thank you for your fast reply, it’s quite clear.

According to your piece of advice I decided to install the LoRa Gateway Bridge on each gateway but I have already Install the package “lora-gateway-bridge” on my server, I have not set up yet and start the “lora-gateway-bridge” on my server. Do I have to delete the package and all the configuration files or is it not a problem?

Thank you

It doesn’t matter :slight_smile:

ok fine thank you :slight_smile: