Integration for only one application

Hi. How to enable integration for only one application?
application_1 = [‘mqtt’]
application_2 = [‘postgresql’]

this is not application integrations, this is whole chirpstack backend integration.
each app has own integration(s), which you can configure via web UI or REST API

I do not see mqtt and postgresql integration via API or web interface. How can I connect them exactly?

MQTT and PostgreSQL integration available in chirpstack-application-server.toml configuration file

# Enabled integrations.
  # Enabled integrations are enabled for all applications. Multiple
  # integrations can be configured.
  # Do not forget to configure the related configuration section below for
  # the enabled integrations. Integrations that can be enabled are:
  # * mqtt              - MQTT broker
  # * amqp              - AMQP / RabbitMQ
  # * aws_sns           - AWS Simple Notification Service (SNS)
  # * azure_service_bus - Azure Service-Bus
  # * gcp_pub_sub       - Google Cloud Pub/Sub
  # * kafka             - Kafka distributed streaming platform
  # * postgresql        - PostgreSQL database

  # MQTT integration backend.
  # Event topic template.
  event_topic_template="application/{{ .ApplicationID }}/device/{{ .DevEUI }}/event/{{ .EventType }}"

  # Command topic template.
  command_topic_template="application/{{ .ApplicationID }}/device/{{ .DevEUI }}/command/{{ .CommandType }}"

  # Retain events.
  # The MQTT broker will store the last publised message, when retain events is set
  # to true. When a MQTT client connects and subscribes, it will always receive the
  # last published message.

  # MQTT server (e.g. scheme://host:port where scheme is tcp, ssl or ws)

  # Connect with the given username (optional)

  # Connect with the given password (optional)

  # Maximum interval that will be waited between reconnection attempts when connection is lost.
  # Valid units are 'ms', 's', 'm', 'h'. Note that these values can be combined, e.g. '24h30m15s'.

PostgreSQL integration

# PostgreSQL database integration.
  # PostgreSQL dsn (e.g.: postgres://user:password@hostname/database?sslmode=disable).

  # This sets the max. number of open connections that are allowed in the
  # PostgreSQL connection pool (0 = unlimited).

  # Max idle connections.
  # This sets the max. number of idle connections in the PostgreSQL connection
  # pool (0 = no idle connections are retained).

This will set up for all mqtt and postgresql.
How to configure mqtt for one application and configure postgresql for another application


This is not possible you can set MQTT or Postgre for all the application

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