Invalid MIC error

I think I have checked and tried everything and I still can’t get a join. The.devEUI is the same in the configuration (MSB) in ChirpStack. I gave up on trying OTAA and this is ABP. I had these nodes working on TTN at one point.

Any ideas other than recheck the DevEUI which I have done including deleting and recreating the device and the application.

  • applicationID:“4”
  • applicationName:“test”
  • deviceName:“TBeam”
  • devEUI:“00f2a00f144655d6”
  • type:“UPLINK_MIC”
  • error:“invalid MIC”
  • fCnt:34733
  • tags:{} 0 keys
  • publishedAt:“2021-12-29T02:44:33.440285314Z”