Is it possible to create users per organizations?

I am trying to create a user that can only do admin on its own organization. Is this possible? I am asking because I have created an organization and then tried to create a new user on this new organization. However I get a blank screen that does nothing.


Are you on app server 3.1.0? There was a bug fixed regarding organization users, not sure if it’s the issue you’re seeing.

My server was installed about 1 week ago… How do I check the LoRa App version?

Ok, from the syslog I could see that I am running 3.0.0. However, I have installed from deb stable main. How do I get the 3.1 for Ubuntu? I saw I could download it manually. Can I just download and install just like an upgrade?

All solved. I just reinstall the server with the new LoRa App.

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