Is there a concept of a saved setup?

I’ve been messing with the chirpstack-OS custom builds and have it pretty close to where I want it now. One thing that I can’t seem to find is some way to save off and load a particular setup in the web UI. Right now I have the same gateway, server, end nodes, etc., but each time I blow the SD card away and try a new load I have to re-set all my profiles and codec decoder, values, etc. and hope that I don’t fat finger something (not that I have done that on one of these re-setups :wink: ).

Is there some way to save off a currently working setup and then reload it in the future?

A Postgres and Redis backup/restore would get all your data back where you want it.

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This would handle all the stuff I put into the web UI? How about the toml files?

I guess I’ve never been clear what is happening behind the scenes. Why is a database even needed?
Isn’t it up to the end user to save whatever data they want in their own apps? I know that on the github page there is a comment about SD card writes over time wearing things out, so I know a lot of writes are occurring, I have just never seen any explanation why.