Is there a way to change the logo and help url

i saw in one thread that this function was to be removed.
could confirm if it is possible, i would like to put my own help and logo.


Hi Gee,
Im interested on changing the logo. Did you know if it is possible? Or has been removed?

Thank you in advice,



I’ve not had any reply if this is still possible.
I’ve not had a chance to look any further. If i do i will reply back.


It is embedded in the Go binary. What you can do is setup a NGINX proxy rule so that the logo file is served from a different source :slight_smile:


Can the help url be redirected the same way. Is there an environmental variable that can be set instrmead of modifying nginx.


Hi brocaar,
Thank you so much for your response.

And would installing the following solution help me change the logo and appearance? .

Hi @brocaar brocaar,

can you please explain in more detail how to do that?
And it is possible to change the logo and the color of the header if using the docker version?

You can find all code on GitHub :slight_smile: What you need to do is make the changes that you want to make and create a new Docker image from the source.