Is there a way to run lora-app-server without the web-client

So, I have a setup that could be strange for you all, but it is what I can do at the moment… I need to run the loraserver, app-server bridge and packet-forwarder in a single rpi… plus my own app witch is django based… so, lora-app-server api post to my application but I can`t spare the processing and memory for the web client… I would have to set the environment using just the restAPI… is there a way to do this? I mean? is there a way to run this services without the websocket-client?


No, LoRa App Server comes with the web-interface by default and I’m not planning to split this out as in most cases it makes it more complex to setup. However, you could make your own build of the binary and strip out the web-interface / components that you don’t want to use to save resources.

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Ok, not what wanted, but solved the question… rs

tks man