ISM Band Configuration

Hi Brocarr,

I dont know what is ISM installation band for AS.
I want to use for AS instead of US and EU.
Please help me on this.


Please see the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters specification to see which region applies:

Thanks for the update.

I checked LoRa Alliance and found AS923.
Can I use multiple ISM band separated by comma (,) e.g, Band=AS_920_928 , EU_863_870


No, LoRa Server can only operate on one band at a time.

I configured AS_923 band in our Lora server but Lora server is rejecting most of the packet.
fCont not getting increment and its value always 0 in the packet.
Is it the problem that Lora server not incremented it and rejecting the packet?

What is Enable/Disable relax frame count in loraserver node configuration?
FCont enabling/disabling might be the reason for rejecting packet in Lora Server?

Please help us on this

If LoRa Server rejects this, then it is probably an issue with he device. But lets not mix different issues in one topic. might be helpful.