Issue with GCP quickstart

Hi guys,

I’m following the GCP quickstart here: and have reached the point where i need to start the application server. However I keep getting the error:
FATA[0000] setup integration error: new integration error: credentials from json error: unexpected end of JSON input

I haven’t done anything outside the norm with the config file.
I’m unsure what’s causing this, has anyone had experience with this?


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I’m facing the exact issue. Were you able to resolve this?

– Fixed –

  1. Create IAM Service Key file from here:
  2. Update your configuration with the JSON file as mentioned here: (look in [application_server.integration.gcp_pub_sub] section).

Aha! Nice one, cheers.

@Muhammad_Fahad_Baig I just posted the same problem, glad you got it working! Would you mind giving a bit more detail about your solution - specifically step 1 where you create a service key? Also on step 2 are you adding the entire contents of the json key? Thanks!