Issues during join procedure with LoRaWAN V1.1.1

Hello all !

I have recently migrated from Mini Mouse to LoRaMac-node (e182832f8b79188c63b0737c184fb345932d50a9) on our project which runs on Murata CMWX1ZZABZ target. I am facing issues during the join procedure. The behavior is a bit random. Sometimes my device join our network successfully at the first attempt and 5 minutes later it becomes very difficult and requires many join requests to reestablish the connexion. I have performed the following checks:

  • fine tune Rx windows according to AN1200.24, SX1276 Settings for LoRaWAN
  • Increase Rx window duration
  • Implement a matching circuit for the antenna
  • correspondence between Tx and Rx frequencies and bandwidth on each side (end device and network)
  • Transmissions and receptions slots are effective
  • Devnonce reliability
    Moreover, when troubles happened, join requests seems dropped until something unknown occurs. Do you have ideas to fix theses kind of behavior ?

Thanks in advance for your help.

Best regards.


Have you checked your gateway logs to see if the joins were received? If not, could it be that the device has been using channels that are not supported by your gateway?

If the gateway did receive all join requests, then perhaps the error would appear within the network server’s logs. If I am not wrong, the UI for the node should also indicate some error under the events list.

It’s something I have checked but it was not very clear at this time.
I finnaly find the solution which were very specific to my implementation. Troubbles occured during the low power management of the radio just before using it. Frames wasn’t properly sent, I assume; despite the power consumption of the radio and its valid configuration. Now communication works fine.