Issues with setting RX1_delay to 2 seconds

We are running gateways in locations and over networks with very high latency (300-500ms), so we must increase DEDUPLICATION_DELAY to at least 600ms. With that, it will also be necessary to increase RX1_delay to 2 seconds. This is all well understood. My question is if there are any side-effects or other issues I need to be aware of when making this change?

Note: This really applies to any version of ChirpStack, but we’re using v4, so posting here.

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2 seconds should be fine :slight_smile: Some customers are using 3 seconds without any issues. If you would set it to 15 seconds (maximum), it could become problematic because some devices don’t have an accurate timesource and 15 seconds could be enough for a significant time-drift. This could be compensated in the firmware by adding a margin around the RX windows, but that would affect the battery life.

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