It's installed. now what?

What I want: I want to operate my RAK7244 as a LoRa Gateway, vs a LoRaWAN Gateway. I want Sensor >> 915 mHz module >> ( RAK7244 >> underlying RPi as application server ), with no internet involvement. I have been assured that ChirpStack OS is the way to go.

It’s loaded, ‘sudo monit status’ shows four active services, and…

the instructions stop. they don’t end. if they ended I would know what to do next. what do I have to run or install to get to the point where I see sensor data? is there a way to reconfigure the screen resolution? it is not well suited to ancient eyesight. how do I change the IP address?

and then there’s this? http://localhost:8080/ how can that work without a browser?

This might be what you are looking for?

that is about LoRaWAN. I’m trying to make a LoRa Concentrator. no WAN.

given that all LoRa packets come through the furshlugginer thing, you would think there would be a way to retain and use the data in the RPi.

If you have the ChirpStack Gateway OS (Full) setup, then it runs all components on the Pi. You can disable the ChirpStack Network Server and Application Server if you are not interested in the WAN part. You will find all LoRa data by subscribing to the gateway/+/event/+ MQTT topic.