Join Request and Join Accept loop

If it is rejected, would message still be “JoinAccept”? How do I know if it is an accept or reject?

I have same issue with accept-loop.

In log I don’t find indication of reject.

I think we need Brocaar’s help here. I don’t use for OTAA.
Another server that I use accepts the join requests (Keys are correctly preconfigured) and it’s done, I don’t get re-join messages after activation.
But here the process may be different, sorry. These may help?

Hi Anudeep_Karunakaran,

In the past, I had a similar problem with such a behaviour.
In my case, the gateway transmitted the Join Accept message, but the node dropped it. The reason was that the spreading factor of the receive windows haven’t match the spreading factor of the message.
Maybe you have the same problem.


@DeHi Thank you for response. Do you think it is the problem with the End device?

Today I got ConfirmedDataup from the device and when i checked the server log file i got the below error

level=error msg=“processing uplink frame error” data_base64=“gOZN1wCAPioIO7tspxU=” error=“get device-session error: device-session does not exist or invalid fcnt or mic”

I looked into this issue in forum and enabled the disable frame counters and LoRAWAN MAC version but still it persists.Also when will the device send ConfirmedDataup.