Kerlink iFemtoCell: 'monit' doesn't work


Should I be worried that the monit command doesn’t work on my kerlink IFemToCell gateway? On the guide for installing gateway bridge on kerlink ifemtocell, it says that we need to restart:

  • ChirpStack Gateway Bridge: monit restart chirpstack-gateway-bridge
  • Kerlink Common Packet Forwarder: monit restart lorafwd

Both the gateway bridge and the packet forwarder is correctly installed and configured, but we can not monitor the services. The following are the messages receiving when attempting to run the commands.

monit restart chirpstack-gateway-bridge --> There is no service named “chirpstack-gateway-bridge”

monit restart lorafwd --> There is no service named “lorafwd”

Have you upgraded to the latest iFemtoCell firmware?