Laird RG + RN2903

I’ve trying to setup a private network for a university project. I have a RN2903 module un US915 and a Laird GW connected to loraserver-chirpstack.

I am running the docker-compose version. I’ve setted up the radios 0 and 1 in the gateway to match the subband 0 and also disabled the channels greater than 7 exept for the 64. Also I configurated the 0-7 channel in the GW profile. I disabled ADR in the module but somehow after the three payloads that ADR needs to calculate, the downlink confirmation sends a new channel plan enabling all channels.

As the GW is only 8 CH, all the payloads after that are lost, since the node starts TXing in unlistened channels.

Also this behaviour changes if i use the configurations files in compose and just runnign “docker-compose up” or the env vars of compose (using the -f argument).

Any ideas why this is happening?. The library is the modified ttn by jpmeijers.

Many many thanks,