LG01-P Gateway help

Hi everyone,
I’m trying to create a LoRa network using the Dragino kit (LG01-P gateway) and chirpstack network server.
So far I’ve been reading the tutorials and managed to install the network and application server, and the gateway bridge, in a local machine.
I don’t know if I’m doing it right but I think I also have to install the gateway bridge on the gateway, so I followed this tutorial https://www.chirpstack.io/gateway-bridge/gateway/dragino/ but I’m stuck with this error:

What should I do?

Thank you!


As you installed the Gateway Bridge on your local machine you don’t need to install on the gateway too.

You can follow the instructions here to connect the gateway to a LoRa Server:


Take into account that this model is just one channel, is not 100% LoRa compatible and the RF part is based on Arduino, so it is a little more complex to make run with a LoRa Server.

Hi there,

How do I know if it should be installed server side or on the gateway, is it a choice to make or it depends on whether it is a simple network or a production one?

I also have the gateway from microchip development kit (LoRa(R) Technology Evaluation Kit - 800), so I’m now trying to connect this one!

I have a few questions though:

First of all, I have a machine running Linux which is also running the network server, application server and the gateway bridge, all with no errors. This machine is connected to the gateway and to a router. Is this ok? Should I have any additional concerns if I want to connect my gateway from outside my network?

On the LoRa Develpment Utility, the IP I choose for the Lora server IP, should be my machine’s IP or the public network one?

I’m trying to get my gateway connected with the network server but I so far it always gives me a TimeOut.

Thank you for the reply and all the questions but atm everything is still very confusing. :sweat_smile:

Hi @mjr93

It is left the LoRa Server IP.
This is: you have to connect the gateway to a LoRa Server. This LoRa Server has an IP and this is the IP that you need to enter into this field.

And you must also add the gateway into the LoRa Server, for this to recognise that it has to work with your gateway. In this case you will have to introduce the Gateway ID: 999999111111100000.

The gateway is running ok, as you can see on the right part that it is trying to send packets upstream (but CRC_FAIL 100% because it doesn’t know which IP it has to send them to)

Hello! Thanks for your reply!

lora server ip

This is the result of ifconfig command on the machine I have running Lora Server, Which one should I use for the LoRa Server IP?

Also, could you tell me where in the LoRa Server I need to add my gateway ID? I think I did that in the LoRa app server.


Hello again, I managed to get the connection from the gateway to the server working now:

But in the application server, the gateway is still appearing as never seen.

I tried checking if there was something wrong with the network or application server, but not quite sure what I should be looking for…

Any tips on how to proceed now?

Thank you!