Link_adr request not acknowledged

Hi brocaar,
I am getting the following warnings in lora-app-server. Can you please tell me the meaning of these warnings

  • WARN[0711] link_adr request not acknowledged channel_mask_ack=false data_rate_ack=true dev_eui=2468800001100010 power_ack=true

  • WARN[0691] get gateways for macs error: expected 1 gateways, got 0 macs=[00000001ffff0051]

Could you please post a bit more info?

  • What is the device vendor (and are you using the latest firmware version)?
  • Which ISM band are you using?
  • Are you using ADR?

Hi brocaar

Please find the below information and help me to solve the issue.

  • Device vendor:LRWAN 1.0.2

  • ISM band: Japan ISM band. Frequency = 923200000Hz

  • ADR is off. Tx Data rate is DR 10. Bandwidth:125Khz.

Hi brocaar,
Please see the above details and help me to solve the the warnings
Thank you

I think you configured LoRa Server to only enable a sub-set of channels? LoRa Server tries to re-configure your device to a different set of channels and your devices does not ACK this change. That is all I can see from the above information.

Hi brocaar,
Thank u for your reply. Can you please tell me how to disable/avoid such situation ?

Is there any issues if we are getting such warnings?

Follow on question. We are seeing this issue where a 1.0.2 node with ADR off operating in US902-928 is not acking the channel mask request. It appears that when ADR is off in the NODE MAC then the node MAC code is expecting the server to respond with TXPower/DR with FF’s and the server is responding with 1’s.

Consequently, the node is not acking the channel mask request and the server continues to issue the channel mask after every uplink.

Orne: Is this a known issue? Should the server respond with TX Power/DR FF’s instead of 1’s? If it did the node would ack the channel mask and presumably the server would stop sending.

Even when adr is turned off on the device, it should still acknowledge any valid channel-mask. This is needed to move an US device from 64 to 8 channels.

When it doesn’t ack, then I would consider this as a bug in the device firmware.

Thanks Orne. I don’t disagree just checking.

The standard is certainly ambiguous at best. It basically doesn’t clearly specify how to properly deal with this situation. Consequently, the node/server implementors have to agree. In this case the stack force node side code is expecting FF’s for TX Power/DR and if it’s not FF’s then it doesn’t acknowledge the channel mask.

I think we’ll just work around it in the node for now.

Hii @brocaar @sharmila

we also get level=warning msg="link_adr request not acknowledged" channel_mask_ack=true data_rate_ack=false dev_eui=xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx power_ack=true warning message in LoRaServer Logs

  • sometimes when we started multiple nodes some nodes not sending up-links to the server sending JoinRequest JoinAccept
- Device Version:1.1.x
- ISM band: EU433MHz
- ADR: ON. 
- Tx Data rate: DR_0. 
- Bandwidth:125Khz.
- Min DataRate: 0
- Max DataRate: 7
- Max EIRP: 16

Thank you

Check in previous downlink what the LinkADRReq mac-command contains as data-rate. In case this is a valid data-rate, then this could be an issue with your device firmware.