Linkage support

Is Chirpstack supports Linkage function.
if yes,how one device can be linked to another device.

Hi Rashmitha,

Your english is not too clear but I think I managed to undestand your issue though.
You want to know if Chirpstack supports Linkage Function (it obviously does) and how to deal with it.
From my experience using this server, this is more the less what you should do:

  1. Create an Application
  2. Generate Device Activation (ABP or OTAA)
  3. Retrieve Device ID
  4. Perform Device Linkage (I think there are at least, two methods):
  • Using the ChirpStack API: Make a POST request to the /api/devices/{device_id}/links endpoint, providing the device ID and the linkage parameters (e.g., external ID, object, or key-value pairs) in the request body. This will establish the linkage between the device and the application.

  • Using the ChirpStack web interface: Navigate to the device details page in the ChirpStack web interface. Look for the “Links” section and click on the “Create Link” button. Enter the relevant linkage information (external ID, object, or key-value pairs) and save the link.

Once the linkage is established, you can retrieve and access the linked devices through the ChirpStack API or web interface. This allows you to leverage the linked information for various purposes, such as device management, user associations, or asset tracking.

Hope this helps!


Hi NicolasUy,

Even I’m searching for this feature.

Currently, I am not able to see any linkage options in my Chirpstack GUI. Any idea which version is supported?

Can you please provide a screenshot of the GUI?

Do you want devices to send packets to each other?
This is not supported directly.

Devices send an uplink data and the application sends downlink data through the network. Devices cannot see other device uplink packets in Lorawan.

The application would need to pass messages between devices through the network.

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