LNS and Basic Station questions

Hi Guys,

  1. Is there an LNS that will accept a web socket directly from a Basic Station on a gateway?

  2. Or is it always a case where the Basic Station on the gateway connected to a chirpstack-

gateway-bridge or some sort of a bridge via a web socket, and then the chirpstack-gateway-

bridge/some sort of a bridge is communicated to the MQTT broker via a TCP and

LNS server is communicated to the MQTT broker via the TCP? See below:

BasicStation <=>wss <=>bridge<=>tcp<=>MQTT broker<=>tcp<=>LNS



Is Basic Station required due to limitations of a gateway you’re using? Development on that stack is basically dead (https://basicmac.io/ , see History, also https://github.com/lorabasics/basicstation/commit/42d4b9c7dd132ca4126b24726f57efb7c382e9a1 and removal of roadmap). If Basic Station is required, then yes, I’m fairly certain the approach you’ve listed is the only viable option.

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