Lora App Server compatibility / integration with Fiware and others

Hi, someone can tell me if is possible to integrate LoraServer with other iot platforms like Fiware, Sofia2 or IBM Watson?

In my head i guess that it’s only possible if is created a middleware between the LoraServer broker and the Input of each external service.

LoRa App Server publishes uplink data as JSON over MQTT and HTTP (since the latest version). Also it allows you to send downlink over MQTT. With that, you could integrate LoRa App Server with other IoT platforms.

The question is, what data do these IoT platforms need :slight_smile:

Yes my question is related to the protocol itself, but maybe I misunderstood the concept. The target platform (external to loraAppServer) receives the uplink in a certain way E.G. JSON with different attributes that we are using in the Server

Could you make an inventarization what would needed to send the LoRa App Server data to your desired platform / would you be up for implementing the integration? Of course I could I could give some hints / answer questions you have.

With the addition of the HTTP integration feature, it should be fairly easy to add other HTTP based integrations using different data-structures. E.g. (excluded the API and UI code), https://github.com/brocaar/lora-app-server/blob/master/internal/handler/httphandler/http_handler.go is responsible for the HTTP integration.

I draw this: https://drive.google.com/a/wavecom.pt/file/d/0B6VivcsEWfm-elUwZURLMlpOVFU/view?usp=sharing

The idea is to receive the payload from the LoraServer broker, decode it via manufacturer and communicate with the fiware IOT agent in JSON. I am concerned with the scalability of this architecture mainly because with a large set of nodes the middleware will have to decode, in real time, all the nodes and forward them to the proper platform

I can’t access it…


Did you finally succeed it?
I try to make a relative task using Fiware’s JSON/MQTT IOT agent.
Please give me an email Tiago to come in contact with you.

Yes, but with a very limited scalability.

Hello everyone!

I have LoRa sensors which send measures with Cayenne LPP format payload. My Gateway(LOrank8v1) catches these packets and converts them to UDP. In the gateway lora-gateway-bridge service converts the packets from UDP to TCP/MQTT.

Then the MQTT packets are published to the mosquitto MQTT broker in the cloud. Then i run lora-server and lora-app-server services in order to decrypt,decode and deduplicate the packets.

Then i publish the decrypted information to the MQTT broker again. Here is an example of a publication after all these operations: application/1/node/0000000000000000/rx {“applicationID”:“1”,“applicationName”:“T emperature-Humidity”,“deviceName”:“Temperature-Humidity”,“devEUI”:“0000000000000 000”,“rxInfo”:[{“mac”:“1dee18c14948a955”,“rssi”:-27,“loRaSNR”:9.5,“name”:“1dee18 c14948a955”,“latitude”:0,“longitude”:0,“altitude”:0}],“txInfo”:{“frequency”:8685 00000,“dataRate”:{“modulation”:“LORA”,“bandwidth”:125,“spreadFactor”:9},“adr”:fa lse,“codeRate”:“4/5”},“fCnt”:2,“fPort”:1,“data”:“AGcAxQFojA==”,“object”:{“temper atureSensor”:{“0”:19.7},“humiditySensor”:{“1”:70}}}

Now i want to use Fiware’s JSON/MQTT IOT agent to convert MQTT to NGSI in order to publish data to the Context Broker.

The data should be publised like this to be readable : $ mosquitto_pub -h $HOST_IOTAGENT_MQTT -u theUser -P thePassword -t /myapikey/mydevicemqtt/attrs -m ‘{ “t”: 19,7, “h”: 70}’

Should i make my own JSON parser and republish the data to another format into the MQTT Broker? How could i deal with this problem?

Should i make my own JSON parser and republish the data to another format into the MQTT Broker? How could i deal with this problem?


Hello @ktsakos!

Did you find any solution about?