LoRa-app-server won't publish gateway names


There is something strange that occurs sometime, the json published by lora-app-server seems to have the gateway names missing (all of them). The rest of the information is there. I don’t have actually a JSON that shows this but will try to get one.

I have this for an example:

[1514540830] Node: 02127E1BFFF1
[1514540830] DevEUI: 479ac8680034001a
[1514540830] Port: 1
[1514540830] Data: 17C313C31196110B10E61B8C09C43DA4
[1514540830] Gateway: - RSSI: -50 - time: 2017-12-29T09:46:38Z
[1514540830] Gateway: - RSSI: -96 - time: 2017-12-29T09:47:09.279849Z
[1514540830] Gateway: - RSSI: -113 - time: 2017-12-29T09:46:58.403246Z

Between Gateway and “-RSSI” should appear the name. Like here:
[1514541236] Node: 021F3D18377A
[1514541236] DevEUI: 0004a30b001c56bb
[1514541236] Port: 1
[1514541236] Data: 1CFC0000094D
[1514541236] Gateway: gateway01 - RSSI: -89 - time: 2017-12-29T09:53:55.704719Z
[1514541236] Gateway: gateway02 - RSSI: -119 - time: 2017-12-29T09:53:44.823905Z

It is not a big problem, just for your information and if you know the “error” Either way we use the EUI to identify them


Please share the actual source JSON as the above is not output which is generated by LoRa App server.

Will try to catch another of this packets and paste It here but they are a little hard to catch because is not a common thing.

Catch one:

“mac”: “000800fffe4a149b”,
“rssi”: -113,
“longitude”: 0,
“latitude”: 0,
“loRaSNR”: -6.2,
“name”: “”,
“time”: “2018-01-10T08:16:49.337107Z”,
“altitude”: 0

Just deleted a gateway, created it again, same name different EUI, and suddenly this happened.

I have another question.

If I delete a gateway why does it keep accepting packets? The server is with GW_CREATE_ON_STATS=flase but it keeps forwarding packet from a gateway that is deleted

I’ll look into this. This could be introduced by an old migration when we started introducing gateway statistics. Because of this part of the gateway data was moved to LoRa Server. There is some redundant data that I probably need to clean up, as both LoRa App Server and LoRa Server are storing the name and description of the gateway.

I had an issue with GW names, when GW_stats has been received before adding GW in LoraAppServer.
Try to add GW before sending data.