LoRa: application layer receiving fragmented packets for each received transmission?

I am using Ebyte ttl-433-1w RF module attached with a raspberry pi. When I send a packet, the receiver receives it but in my program(application layer) it prints the data in two fragments. I am using pySerial for my program. Below is the scenario that I am facing problem with-

  1. sender sending 2 packets of 58 bytes each.
  2. receiver receives two transmissions, and two only (LED light blinks only twice)
  3. receiver pushes the data in the application layer as 48, 10, 18, 10 fashion, instead of 58, 58 bytes fashion.
    4.application layer(python script) prints four print statements (instead of two)

I am not loosing any data, I am just curious why data arriving app layer fragmented. tried with different serial baud rate and air data rate combination, but I always see the same pattern.

You could take a look at the live LoRaWAN frame logs (you’ll find this tab in the device overview in the web-interface). It will show you the LoRaWAN frames sent / received. If you only see two frames there, maybe the fragmenting is a bug in your software?