LoRa Class C Modem

Hi all
I have developed a LoRa modul with the RN2483 Class A modem. Everthing works fine. But now, it must be possible to update the modul firmware.
My idea is to upload the firmware to the modul with the class C modus… byte for byte. I know: LoRa is not designed for that, but I need this features.
Question: Who knows a good and low priced class c modem (like RN2483)?

Best regards

I have used Murata-ABZ Lora-Moduls with Class C. Works fine for me.


Hi hasiflo

I know this modul. It is including a cpu. Correct?
Do you have an easy code example? How do you program the modul?


Yes, it includes a CPU and you communicate via a serial interface.

I did not programmed the module directly. I used an external MCU to controle the Murata.