LoRa Gateway Bridge does not receive UDP data (Docker / Docker Compose)

good morning !
I think I have encountered a problem and have studied for a long time and can not find a solution.
I have configured the services, and now I have to pack all the service stages with docker.
But the problem is that after I have installed the required services in docker, the Lora sever app inside can not receive the UDP packets sent by the host.
Do you have such a situation, please?
docker-compose in ubuntu 16.04.4

have anyone find out this question ?

Have you followed this guide? https://www.loraserver.io/install/docker/

Hi @brocaar
I tried the fix provided by you in @https://forum.loraserver.io/t/application-server-link/1600/2 1 but stil the issue exits. Please let me know where to provide the application-server ip and port in the loraserver.toml configfile. I think by default loraserver trying to talk to lora-app-server on localhost:8001 ( this ip:host is embedded some where in the code) and I want to override that with lora-app-server:8001 but I donot know where to do that.

#hope this time I have posted in correct topic.

Yes, that’s what I did.

I have tested the docker-compose locally and it works fine at my side. I guess this could be a firewall issue. https://www.loraserver.io/lora-gateway-bridge/install/debug/ lists a couple tcpdump commands to monitor if UDP packets are actually being received by your machine.

Ok, thank you very much for your prompt. I am looking at this page to find the solution

Well, last night by your advice, I’m done on the server in the United States, the next is the configuration in a production environment in china, thanks again! i will tell you if i successed.

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good afternoon.
Sorry, I found out the reason a few days ago, because the network operator’s problem caused me not to receive the udp package. Thank you for your advice anyway.