Lora-gateway-bridge MQTT Integration

I have the lora-gateway-bridge working on my Kerlink IOT Station. I’m trying to send 01 to Semtech LoRa Development kit to turn on the LED. I have only the MQTT Client working, loraserver and lora-app-server is stopped. From a client MQTT app I’m trying to send JSON as below, but nothing is sent from the gateway, I have breakpoints on the MCU side inside LoRaMac layer, nothing is received for sure. PacketForwarder logs also prove that it does not receive the command.
The JSON :

Any ideas? help would be appreciated. A simple Generic MQTT integration sample would be great.
Thank you.

LoRa Gateway Bridge is already using MQTT, so you can use any MQTT client to subscribe to the uplink / downlink frames or send frames manually :slight_smile:

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