LoRa Open Server and US915 frequencies

I want to launch LoRa Open Server on 915MHz US plan. I encountered a problem with the server that he always sends a response to the gateway in which the included frequency of the response (gateway->node) is the same as that from which the frame was given. In EU uplink frequencies are the same as downlink (Server works great then). In US and AU plan uplink transmission have higher frequencies then downlink. Because the network server controls the gateway transmit channels, and sends the frequency/datarate/timestamp/payload to the gateway for downlink. Is it possible to change the downlink frequency from the LoRa Open Server so that it works for the US plan?

The US plan is already supported. Note that you must set the correct --band or BAND configuration.

Thanks for quick reply. What configuration is going on. At the moment I have correctly configured global_conf_json in the gateway for US. The gateway logs show that he can see all OTAA join requests but the server always responds to the same frequency on which the packet was sent to him by the gateway and can not properly send join response. Is the configuration you write about is on the server because I do not have any parameters to change there.

See https://docs.loraserver.io/loraserver/install/config/.

Thanks for help. I have to create a new server instance for US plan in this case. EU working well.

See this topic: https://forum.loraserver.io/t/clearer-comments-regarding-enabled-uplink-channels-for-us-configuration/3794/5