Lora OTAA Activation (Network Key)

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I try to Join a Sensor to my Application by OTAA. I created a device and added the dev_eui.
But then it asks me for the “Network Key” and optional Application Key.

Where do i get this informations from? Sorry, i am kind new to this Lora-Topic, so the question is quite beginner.

So to beginn i just put some random numbers, which ofc ended in errors:

INFO[0790] packet(s) collected dev_eui=00…e gw_count=1 gw_macs=00.0 mtype=JoinRequest
ERRO[0790] processing rx packet error: join-request to join-server error: response error, code: MICFailed, description: invalid mic data_base64=“AJb2ANB+1bNwjvcLthnDSACP+w02r4o=”

If you need some more informatione, please let me know.

Thanks, Silvan

You get the network and application keys from your device manufacturer.


Thanks for your replay - now i know where to ask/search. As i said, i am a beginner on Lora.
There is another Question - and i dont know if you also know this.

My Gateway is a Multitech Conduit with a MTAC-Lora Card. It is running mlinux from multitech. Is it possilbe to change this to Multitech AEP? i found guides from AEP to mlinux, but not the other way.

thanks for your replay

That is a question specific to Multitech not to Loraserver software, I recommend you ask their technical support team.

But if I’m using the OTAA method, why should I have a Network Key.

Please refer to the LoRaWAN specs. For 1.0.x devices OTAA requires an Application- and Network-key.

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