LoRa server (0.22.1) topic application/+/node/+/rx not receiving messages

After upgrading loraserver to 0.22.1 and lora-app-server to 0.14.2, no messages seem to be getting published to the topic application/+/node/+/rx, yet the data is making its way to postgres (viewable in the raw frame logs of the app server UI).

Watching the Mosquitto MQTT logs shows no traffic to this topic.

I set up a requestb.in endpoint for HTTP integrations (and configured that in the lora app server), but no traffic is making its way there either.

I do have the gateway bridge and loraserver on one ec2 VM in aws with the app-server on a different ec2 VM. The ports needed for communication between the processes on the two servers are open.

I’m not sure where to look to address this issue. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Could you post your lora-gateway-bridge, loraserver and lora-app-server logs?