LoRa Server on Windows Server - native or docker?

Hello, I would like to install LoRa Server on Windows Server 2016. Do you reccomend to use native install ? (what are steps for installation ? - installing mosquito, PostgreSQL and Redis = what else do i need to install before running LoRa Server ? do i need to make some special configuration on these applications ? (mosquito,redis,postgre))
Or would it be easier to install Windows Server and then run everything in Docker ?

Do you guys have some experience with this ?

I would better install LoRa Server on Linux, but in this case, we must use Win Server…

any ideas guys please ? :slight_smile:

I do not know if this will help your decision making, but it appears the docker package will not run on Windows 10

Hi gazdikm,

Did you manage to install it on Windows?

I would recommend Docker. There were a couple issues (like @WoobaGooba mentioned, the problem was that the PostgreSQL init scripts were converted to Windows line-endings and failed within a Linux based Docker environment), but these have been solved for Windows users.

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Agreed, LoRaServer is now installing and running well under Docker for windows.