Loraserver and 433mhz frequency

The loraserver makes a provision to select frequency in the gateway profile section. Would like to know if it is truly open ended, in the sense, can we select a frequency of our choice? I’ve got a node made of feather m0 with rfm 95 @ 433mhz, and a gateway made of rfm95 and Pi3. I’d like to connect the gateway to loraserver and set a frequency of 433mhz, so that I can send data from my node. Would that be possible?

Hope I’m making sense, I’m sorry if its a wrong post here, apologies in advance.

Best would be to refer to the LoRaWAN Regional Parameters specification. That document specifies all the regions and their frequencies. The next step is to:

  • Make sure your gateway aligns with these frequencies
  • Configure the band configuration in loraserver.toml accordingly
  • Make sure your device is configured for this region