LoRaServer on a Pi with PiSupply IoT LoRa Gateway HAT


Log into the Pi and run sudo gateway-config to Setup LoRa concentrator shield. Choose RAK831 as the Pi Supply Hat uses a RAK833 (PCIE - SPI) module. And choose your frequency plan (EU868 for me).

Now change the reset pin to the correct one used by this hat:
sudo nano /etc/default/lora-packet-forwarder
and change to

# reset pin

Restart the Pi

To see if the gateway is working or not I had to log into the LoRa Server web UI and run through all the screens and create instances of everything (Iā€™m missing some documentation what exactly to do). Then finally I was able to register the gateway using the EUI I obtained from cat /etc/lora-packet-forwarder/global_conf.json.

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