LoRAWAN FOTA using chirpstack application server GUI


I am trying to use Chirp stack application server GUI interface to schedule firmware update over air to my end node.

I will like to know and understand how fragmentation of binary file into fragments as per LoRaWAN Fragmented data Block Transport Spec takes place inherently and what is the size of each fragmentation block by default?

And on what basis multicast timeout value needs to be specified in GUI tab? Is it entirely based on file size/ number of fragments along with duty cycle limitations for Rx channel use and data rate/SF settings used. Any resources/help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance.

Please note that since quite some time, FUOTA has been removed from the ChirpsStack Application Server. All code is now in a separate repository: GitHub - brocaar/chirpstack-fuota-server: FUOTA server which can be used together with ChirpStack Application Server..

As for the correct parameters to use, I do not have any recommendations or guidelines. However, you have to make sure that the fragments will fit in the max-payload size for the given data-rate in your region.