Lorawan Mac Version vs Lorawan Specification Version

Is Lorawan Mac Version and Lorawan Specification Verison the same thing?
If so then why does Loraserver:1.0 release support Lorawan Mac Version 1.1?

There are three types of versions:

  1. LoRa Server / LoRa App Server / LoRa Gateway Bridge version
  2. LoRaWAN MAC version (specification version)
  3. LoRaWAN Regional Parameters revision

There is no relation between 1. and the LoRaWAN specification related versioning.

Thanks for the info.
As per the changelog of loraserver, the support for LoRaWAN 1.1 came out in the v2.0.0 release.
I am currently using the v1.0.0 release. When adding a device-profile, I am getting an option to choose, LoRaWAN MAC version as 1.1.
Can you explain as to how LoRaWAN MAC Version 1.1 is available in releases before v2.0.0?

Support was not yet implemented, but as the specification was already out I thought it would be good to at least collect this information.

Thanks a lot for clearing the confusion :grinning: