Lost uplink data

Hi everybody. I receive full uplink data at different frequencies, but in device only receive at 2 frequencies 921.4 and 921.6Mhz. Has anyone had a similar problem and how to fix it?

One of the most likely issues is that your gateway is not configured correctly and thus is not listening on the other frequencies. If the gateway is configured correctly, please also confirm that the ChirpStack Network Server configuration is correct. As well, please check the log output and confirm that there aren’t any errors.

I have the same issue.
Here is the error:
ERROR chirpstack::uplink: Deduplication error error=No channel found for frequency: 922600000, dr: 2

That error occurs when an uplink is received on a frequency which is not configured within ChirpStack. The error is that the frequency can’t be mapped to channel number.

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