Meaning of downlink ack errors

COLLISION_PACKET - How is this determined ahead of time? Is there a minimum time that two packets must be apart from each other?

TOO_EARLY - How early is too early?

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Hi… I face the TX_FREQ error after sending downlink data. Which configuration in Chirpstack reflects this setup? and how to troubleshoot this?

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This error comes from the gateway and indicates it can’t transmit on the requested frequency. This could be:

  • Because the requested frequency is invalid
  • The gateway is misconfigured (min / max TX frequency configuration)
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Hi @brocaar. Thank you for the reply.

I managed to get it work after I reset and reconfigure the gateway. Thank you.

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Hi @brocaar. I faced this problem once again. I have reset the gateway and reconfigure everything in Chirpstack but still unsolved.

I’m using Gemtek gateway with AS923 frequency. I have set the RX2 frequency as per gateway configuration. Anything that I missed?