Missing Sensor Node Packets in Gateway Bridge


I have a multitech AEP conduit in packet forwarder mode and chirpstack gateway bridge installed in our server. I have two end devices with me, one is from winext and other is from Digital matter(sensor node).

The winext GPS device sends location information every time the switch in it is triggered consistently and could see all the packets in the gateway bridge using the below command

sudo tcpdump -AUq port 1700

Below is the packet seen in the Gateway bridge

[.{"rxpk": [{"tmst":3229677588,"chan":3,"rfch":0,"freq":902.900000,"stat":1,"modu":"LORA","datr":"SF9BW125","codr":"4/5","lsnr":6.5,"rssi":-57,"size":14,"data":"QKo/qQEA1gAerkz1akQ="}]

But when the sensor node is triggered, we are missing most of the packets and unable to see any packets in the gateway bridge most of the time. Is this a problem with the packet forwarder or the end device itself. Can someone point out what coud be the issue here?

Hi @anudeep_k,

I guess the log that you showed belongs to the Gateway Bridge on server, I think you should check the lora packet forwarder directly on the gateway.

I think you should see the packet forwarder log in the Multitech, because if even the gateway has no connection you should be able to see the info received by the sensor.

@pulidoj ok sure…thank you…Please find the logs of the packet forwarder

Can you please help me out on how to check the packet forwarder logs?

Hi @anudeep_k,

You can find the logs on the webUI of the multitech.

You can download all of them and then search for lora-pkt-fwd.log and we have a loot at it.

@pulidoj Sure thank you… Will check it and let you know

@pulidoj The issue was sorted out… Changed the subband to subband_1 in network server configuration file. That did the trick and now am able to view the packets of the sensor node in the gateway bridge.