MQTT Topic for receiving all data per application

Hello there ,
i read in this forum that it´s possible to receive all data per application via a MQTT subscriber.

Unfortunately i can´t find a topic subscription for this usecase.

All i found is this subscription per device :

Uplink: application/[applicationID]/device/[devEUI]/rx

so how its possible got get all Data from devices of a certain application ?


Maybe this will help:

thx for ur Reply,
i already found this page, but also here i can´t find a topic subscription for my usecase.
Maybe i overlooked something, i´m new to using MQTT.

The very first sample topic on that page will give you all data per application:


You could also subscribe to all data from the application server and deal with what you need in your code:


Or just grab everything:


OMG i must have been blind, i totaly overlooked this very first sample.

Shame on me and thank u for the hint